About Carolyn

Carolyn Vinup is a business visionary known for maximizing possibilities and making great things happen.


As a master of event management, program development, business consulting and energy healing, I combine 20+ years of well-rounded experience to help businesses and individuals accelerate and grow. I have produced events, corporate meetings, conferences, celebrations, wellness initiatives, cultural and artistic experiences both locally and nationally. I work with small to mid-size businesses to expand their brands, increase visibility, stream-line processes, attract opportunities, inspire their teams and develop stellar events. I can see the big picture and capture the minutiae detail. As a certified Feng Shui consultant, trained in many mindfulness modalities, it is also my mission is to help people find ways to unleash their courage, awaken higher consciousness and expand their inner light through event experiences, blessings, and energy work that adds happiness, joy, clarity and fun to their lives.

My businesses

I started my first business, Vinup Unlimited, Inc. in 1998. My second business, Creating Sacred Space was formed in 2001 and was focused on Feng Shui consulting. In 2005, I decided to combine Vinup Unlimited and Creating Sacred Space into a new organization called HPSS Global, Inc. HPSS Global, Inc. has been my event management and business consulting company since that time.  I also formed a new business in 2017 called Gateways to Brilliance and this is my current mindfulness-based business.

Additional Background – Scope of Work

Independent Business Consulting and Event Management

Independent Contractor for D’Amico Catering, 2 years

  • Sales development
  • Venue expansion
    • Pique Travel Design, Sovereign Estate Winery, Loring Social, MN History Center
  • Marketing expansion  
  • Rebranded the tagline
  • Customer care assessment
  • Employee satisfaction interviews and reports
  • RFP response reformatted
  • Partnership development expansion
  • Brand Ambassador, represented D’Amico Catering at 11 Membership/Association/Networks

Independent Contractor for Normandale Community College, 8 years

  • WorkForce Partnership Development, new role that was created during the economic downturn, developed New World of Work and produced 2 Events Called Join a Different Herd Rebrand Your Career which attracted 600+ attendees
  • MN Health Information Technology (MN HIT), supported the recruitment and media relations for 300 students
  • Career Success Day, supported the MN HIT student’s preparation for job skills
  • Health & Wellness Department, supported the development of the Integrative Health Education Center, expanded instructors and programming
  • Learning Well Blog Talk Radio Host
  • Spring Forest Qigong Event Coordinator for many years
  • Instructor for Feng Shui and Sound Healing

Tess Wald Production, 11 years

  • Hired to be part of the Technical Production Convention Team for Tess Wald Production (SEIU, UFCW, Steel Workers, GOP TV)
  • Attended High Level Meetings  
  • Client Liaison
  • Logistics
  • Event Elements
  • Vendor Relations
  • Negotiations
  • On-Site management
Employed Years
  • Sales and Marketing Director for Après Party & Tent Rental
  • Business Administrator for Goodfellows and Tejas Restaurants  
  • Restaurant Manager, Sales Accounting for LeeAnn Chin at Bonaventure and International Centre in downtown Minneapolis
Non-Profit Work
  • Operations Vice Chair for Taste of the NFL in 1992
    • Taste of the NFL is a legacy event with the Super Bowl
  • Operations Chair for Taste of the Nation for 4 years

Hire me as an Independent Consultant.

Short and long-term contracts accepted.