Key Facts

Theme: Career Transition Events & Workshop Series (all free)

2 One Hour Webinars: October 9 and October 16
12:00-1:00pm CST
October 9: Change Your Stripes-Do What You Love For A Living
October 16: Get LinkedIn Lucky

6 Two Hour Live Events: October 21, 22, 23, 24
October 21, 2013
Change Your Stripes-Do What You Love For A Living!
One Community Church, Plano, Texas
6:30-8:30pm CST

October 22, 2013
Top Ten Confessions From The Other Side Of The Hiring Desk
Water’s Edge Church, Frisco, Texas
9:00-11:00am CST

October 22, 2013
How To Get Found-Not Lost In Translation
Messiah Lutheran Church, Plano, Texas
6:30-8:30pm CST

October 23, 2013
How To Get LinkedIn Lucky
University of Texas-Arlington, Arlington, Texas
9:00-11:00am CST

October 23, 2013
Top Ten Networking Blunders And How To Avoid Them
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Fort Worth, Texas
6:30-8:30pm CST

October 24, 2013
Your Brand. Your Future. Too Precious To Leave To Chance
American Airlines Training Center, Fort Worth, Texas
6:30-8:30pm CST

Tickets: FREE, register at http://tinyurlcom/herdevent

Organizer: ARBEZ, Inc.
Contact: Catherine Byers Breet, Chief Stripe Changer

Presenting Sponsor: Thrivent Financial For Lutherans-Texas Region
Contact: Jennifer Furr

Community Partners: Texas Legends
Career Search Network
Jobseekers Support Group of Collin County
Radio Stations: KHYI, KVCE

Attendee Demographics:
While these events are open to all, and attract people from college to retirement, the vast majority of attendees are aged 35-55, and are hungry to take charge of their careers, and rediscover what it means to have fun at work. 40% are gainfully employed, but unhappy. 40% are unemployed. 20% are doing fine at work, but want to get to the next level in their careers.

Event Highlights:
Live Interactive Workshop Presentations
Facilitated networking
Resume on a Stick Demonstration
Door Prizes for Active Participants
Career Resources (local and online)

Event Take-a-ways: Action steps to put your career & job search on steroids
Custom – designed handouts for each specific workshop topic
Expert headhunter advice on the hidden job market
Secrets from the hiring side of the desk
Proven networking strategies
Expanded awareness about navigating the new world of work
Relief in knowing you’re not alone
Innovative and inspiring professional networking strategies
Learn how to take fear off the table
Dream Job Pathways / proven strategies for success

Online Resources & Info: The Job Hunt Coaching System

“Top Ten Confessions From The Other Side of The Hiring Desk” –

“Work smart with recruiters”

Frequently Asked Questions
The world of work has changed forever. Your security doesn’t have to!

Why this campaign matters
Gone are the days of the 30-year career. In fact, the average American is changing jobs every
3-4 years, at over 2 million quits per month (BLS). A recent study by Right Management
shows that over 80% of Americans are unhappy at work. Bottom line? Career strategy is no
longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. The silver lining: with great change comes great opportunity.
The time to chase your dreams has never been better!

We can help! You can, too!
Dream Jobs really are possible. Since March of 2009, ARBEZ and Thrivent Financial have stepped into over 150 communities to offer Career Transition Strategies, Inspiration &
Support! JOIN THE CALL! Bring this program to your community, and you will see … they’ll be thanking you for years to come. Workshops cover topics ranging from defining the dream to planning, personal branding, networking, resume writing, secrets from the hiring side of the desk, interviewing, and negotiation. If you, or someone you know, has got a dream, we’ve got the roadmap to get you there.

Where we’ve been
The people: Over 20,000 people, in over 150 communities. The partners: Networking
groups, professional associations, workforce development centers, non-profits, colleges, chambers of commerce, corporations, over 41 congregations (Lutheran, Catholic, Protestant, United Methodist, and Presbyterian), radio and television stations.

The stories: Susan was out of confidence & ideas after 6 months of unemployment. Just 6 weeks after a HERD event, she was in her dream job – at $20K more than she was expecting!
Shayne was out of work and out of money, and in a great new job just 2 weeks later. These stories are just a fraction of the lives we’ve helped change for the better.

Where we’re going
ARBEZ is on a mission to help 1M people do what they love for a living – and Thrivent is there to help make it happen. From townships and board rooms in South Africa to the streets of Minneapolis and Dallas, the message is the same: you CAN do what you love for a living! But it won’t just land in your lap. Catch the fire! Take action NOW.

Where we’ve been
Over 7 colleges and universities, over 41 Faith communities, Groups and Associations, WorkForce Centers and Career Counseling Groups, Media Appearances, including Television and Radio

Workshop Descriptions
Change Your Stripes Do What You Love For A Living
Do you love what you do for a living? If not, why not? And are you ready to DO SOMETHING about it? JOIN US to learn 4 simple, proven steps to getting the job you want – faster and easier. You’ll learn how to go all the way from “I need a new job!” to “Wow, I love what I do for a living!” … and everything in between.

Top Ten Confessions From The Other Side Of The Hiring Desk
Hiring managers tell all! Their confessions will shock you, but you deserve to know the truth! JOIN US to LEARN THE TRUTH about who really gets hired … and why. Then learn 3 simple things you can do to break through these job search barriers.

How To Found Not Lost In Translation
You’re perfect for that job! So … why can’t they see it? Are you tired of sending in applications … only to hear nothing back? Chances are good that you’re getting lost in translation. JOIN US to learn how to position yourself the right way, and KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF – every time!

How To Get LinkedIn Lucky
Like it or not, social networking is THE KEY to job security. Are YOU getting LinkedIn-Lucky …or are you still just as wary as so many people are? JOIN US to learn how to put the “WOW!” into your LinkedIn profile, and use it to make meaningful connections & and secure your future.

Top Ten Networking Blunders And How To Avoid Them
Let’s face it: Networking is not always fun! However, it is critical to your career success. JOIN US for a fun, high-impact look at how to make the most of every networking encounter. You’ll learn how to … start a conversation, avoid the biggest networking mistakes, create a 30-second introduction that works & turn every handshake into a meaningful connection.

Your Brand. Your Future. Too Precious To Leave To Chance
”In business today, your reputation is the only accepted currency.”- William Arruda
What is your brand saying about you? Whether online or in person, you can bet your professional connections are doing a search on you. Do you like what they are finding? JOIN US! You’ll have fun learning a simple, proven strategy for building your own personal brand (It’s much easier than you think!)

About Catherine Byers Breet

Bio 1:
She’s been called a “networking ninja,” but Catherine Byers Breet ( is really just someone who understands the power, joy and occasional pain of building a robust network. She is a highly-sought speaker with 15+ years of proven success building relationships and business. Since launching ARBEZ in 2006, she’s trained over 20,000 people how to network effectively. Today, as President and Chief Stripe Changer with ARBEZ™ she is driving innovation around networking, career strategy, talent attraction & retention both online and off …

Bio 2:
Catherine Byers Breet ( began her career helping troubled teens, and her passion for helping people never waned. But now, she’s armed and compelling. A recovering head hunter, she’s slashing months off the average job search and turning dreams into reality. From Minneapolis to Johannesburg, her message is the same: “You Can do what you love for a living…but it won’t just land in your lap!” Active in the community, Catherine leads a weekly career transition group, is a frequent guest on radio, television and print, and was just named Exceptional Businesswoman 2013 (Dakota County). When she’s not changing stripes, she’s out chasing fun with her husband and two boys.

Short Bio:
Catherine Breet is a highly-sought speaker with 15+ years of proven success building relationships and business. Since launching ARBEZ in 2006, she’s trained over 20,000 people how to network effectively. More information:

ARBEZ, Inc. is a Twin Cities company that is driving innovation around networking, career strategy, talent attraction and retention both online and offline. It’s Smart job search and career management from beginning to end using an online career coach, workshops and consulting!

Contact: Catherine Byers Breet
Tel: 612-508-2047
Connect with Catherine:
Dream Job Movement: Join the Dream Job Movement

Interview Requests:
Carolyn Vinup, Event Producer Arbez National Dream Job Movement
Tel: 612-325-5162

Testimonials: What People Are Saying About Catherine

Companies “I strongly endorse and support you … in the role of the ‘great translator’; teaching employers and candidates alike what they need to know about making the right choices. With your help, people will make the right career moves and employers will hire (and retain) the right talent for a stronger and better performance all around.” – Elmer Baldwin, CEO

Colleges & Universities “Catherine Byers Breet (provides) exceptionally practical career
Search advice. Her workshops go beyond the typical learning experience, by giving participants time to connect the information to their own lives, and by having them learn & practice strategies that will last way beyond the workshop time. We continue to invite Catherine back to campus … to offer her exceptional workshops.” – Peg Lonnquist, University of Minnesota

Career & Networking Expert “Inspiring, Empowering, Transformational, the ARBEZ
Methodology provides a unique and tested approach to accelerating success for people in all stages of career transition. Catherine has a diverse and versatile style which attracts her to all levels from college students to CEOs, women and men, from all walks of life. Quite honestly, she’s the real deal, she has successfully lived what she teaches and it works.”
– Anne Pryor, Social Media & Brand Trainer

Community leaders “Catherine, thank you for (volunteering) your time and skill with
InnerCHANGE South Africa. I was very impressed by your clear, yet simple way to effectively hunt and secure a job. You have also taught us how to be a networking resource to one another. We are currently grappling with good ways we can be a support system to one another. From our little experience in serving among the poor, we have thought that the best network structure when someone is looking for a job is to be hooked up with “big guns”. Now we know that we can start building our network from within our poor communities. Thank you
again for helping us discover that. God bless. – Luc Kabongo. Director, InnerCHANGE South Africa

Church leaders “Catherine delivered a dynamic presentation with compassion & grace and left us all feeling ministered to as Christians. I continue to receive feedback months later about (the) wonderful and helpful session Catherine delivered. I would, without hesitation, recommend Catherine and her team for any sponsorship, presentation, or ministry.”
Jean Spinner, St. John Neumann Catholic Church

Workforce | Career counselors “It is a fact. Those that work this system will master the art of job search and land a new job faster. Catherine, your passion for this project and your ability to keep it new are so refreshing. Thanks for making my job easier and making me a better counselor.” – Bill T., Counselor

Dream Chasers “I was selected 1 of 200 candidates chosen out of 4200 applications. My cover letter, my resume and I stood out thanks to Catherine!” – Kim R., marketing

“ …this was GREAT. You bring something that none of the others do … years of experience actually getting people hired. It shows. I’ve never seen anyone who can break through barriers and take the kind of questions you do along the way. Thank you!” – Sue D.

“People everywhere tell me what to do in my job hunt. You tell me how, and give me the tools and inspiration to go out and do it” – Steve B., COO

“I finally landed!!! I owe a large debt of gratitude to each of you, as you were perfect strangers to me and really loaded me up with the new way of “job searching skills” and how to ace the interviews…(and so much more). Thank you!” – Julie J., Medical device mgr.

“… I got my dream job! At $20K more than I was expecting! …you helped me see with such clarity. Your program is unlike any other I’ve ever seen … you shed light without any (shame), and (got me) excited to go find a job.” – Susan B., Executive Director

“Unbelievable! Just 2 weeks ago I was in high anxiety about whether I could make a living, and I just accepted an offer! I followed your advice and it worked! Thank you!” – Terry T., Executive

“Your advice really helped! They came up close to 10% on the salary, and offered a $5K bonus!” – Mitch O.

“…everything you taught worked within 3 weeks!” – Carol C.

“Recently, I made a transition from being a full time academic (Professor of Economics at University of MN) to working as a Vice President for Amazon had a very intense screening process for candidates which required me to go through 12 separate interviews. Catherine was absolutely invaluable in helping me to prepare for this process. She helped me to develop a clear message, understand what my interviewers were looking for and make my mistakes before I went into intense interviews. In addition, she is wonderful in helping
people think through their goals in life and clearly evaluate which market opportunities will best help them pursue their dreams.” – Pat B., economist

“ARBEZ gave me the inspiration, tools and confidence to make my career dreams a reality. Thanks to ARBEZ, I am not only exceedingly happy in my new role (at work), but I also get to help others to find their place in this world … – Gerhard Redelinghuys, South Africa

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