Classes, Workshops and Speaking Engagement Topics

Carolyn Vinup is a certified Master Feng Shui consultant through the Wind and School of Feng Shui. She has been practicing Feng Shui and Creating Sacred Space for over a decade. Carolyn utilizes the powerful principles of Feng Shui combined with the healing qualities of Sacred Sound to create spaces filled with positive energy, good luck, health and wellbeing, focus, productivity, love, and joy.

As a Sacred Sound and Sound Health practitioner she has studied extensively with Jonathan & Andi Goldman, who are pioneers in the field of vibrational energy and the powerful use of sound as a healing modality. Since everything on the planet is energy, sound is a powerful conductor for transformation. It can be used to shift energy in a space and create experiences that are both memorable and healing.

As a former radio host, Carolyn is a natural communicator and she welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge about integrative health & wellness, and her humor and love for teaching shows up in her classes, workshops or speaking engagements.

Awaken Your Abundant Heart With Feng Shui
One of the benefits of working with Feng Shui is that your heart begins to awaken. The more you study, practice and integrate Feng Shui into your life your capacity to love expands. Awaken Your Abundant Heart is a 2 hour workshop where you will learn a Feng Shui Abundance meditation and a new mantra for awakening your heart. All who attend will experience a sacred sound blessing.  


Increase Your Joy With The Feng Shui Wellness Wheel
The Feng Shui Bagua is a powerful tool. Learn how the Bagua becomes the Feng Shui Wellness Wheel.  Working with the Wellness Wheel will increase joy in all areas of your life.  Explore areas of blessings and challenges; learn how to activate certain guas that will ensure you are a joy maker and expand your resiliency.


Creating Abundance With Feng Shui
Energy is money. Learn how to become a deliberate creator and begin to demystify the secrets of success with money. Understand the law of attraction and how this Universal Law is playing out in your life. We will use the Feng Shui Bagua to anchor adjustments and cures into your physical environment. 


Uplifting The Energy Of Your Spaces
Your space reflects your life, a key Feng Shui principle. You will discover that there is a gentle dance between your inner space and your physical environment. We will explore why working on both areas supports lifting the energy of your home so you become a perfect match for what you are desiring and hoping for in your life.


 Feng Shui Sampler
Feng Shui Sampler is an experiential taste of Feng Shui. This is a 2 part series taught by Carolyn Vinup and Cheryl Larson. You will experience a Feng Shui blessing and a group visualization exercise, learn basic Feng Shui tools and principles, secure your Ming Gua number and learn several adjustments for 2013 that will provide support for the Year of the Water Snake. You will walk away with golden nuggets. We look forward to sharing Feng Shui with you!


Space Clearing The Ultimate Feng Shui Experience
Space Clearing alters the energy of a space. What you shift on the outside also shifts on the inside. This is not a new age concept, it’s very old and the tradition of space clearing is found in all cultures. Native Americans used Drums, rattles and herbs. The Chinese used gongs, chanting and incense. Medieval Europe used salt and prayers. The Middle East used smoldering resins. The practice of space clearing was reserved for the High Priests, monks, medicine man/woman or shamans


Becoming A Deliberate Creator-Create The Life You Want
The universe doesn’t know if you are remembering, pretending, playing, creating, complaining or worrying. It simply responds to what you are vibrating. Are you ready to be the change you want to see in the world? Learn 4 simple steps to get your life back on track and become a deliberate creator today!


The Essence Of Sound
This is an overview on sound. This class will explore; how sound affects us, what is the history of sound healing; how sound touches aspects of the self.  When we are in tune we are in sound body, sound mind, sound feelings and sound spirit, we experience sound health.


Sound Healing
Everything is energy and everything is connected. Everything makes a sound.  This class will explore sound and sound healing. Sound can be used to open, cleanse, clear, release, balance and heal our bodies. Learn how to open and activate your own voice, along with using sound tools such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums and gong.


Creating Healthy Environments
A healthy environment from a Feng Shui perspective is balanced and supportive both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Learn how to utilize Feng Shui principles to create healthy environments for your home and office. Integrate Feng Shui tools such as the Bagua, Color, Shapes, and Plants and learn 9 simple techniques that will support your own inner landscape.


Clearing Clutter-A Powerful Tool For Inspiration And Moving Forward
There are real reasons why we hold onto clutter. But there are great reasons why we want to let our clutter go. Learn how clutter impacts us on 4 levels and gentle techniques that will help you release, let go and move forward. This is a powerful tool for transformation.


Improve Your Luck -Use Feng Shui
The Chinese believe we make our own luck and guess what you can enhance your luck opportunities by activating the Five Feng Shui principles. Celebrate, add happiness and more joy to your life.


Reading The Energy Of Homes- Feng Shui Tips For Buyers And Sellers
Are you a real estate agent or an individual preparing to purchase or sell a home? Are you ready to attract the right buyers and sellers? The key to success is developing your ability to read the energy of spaces and release energetic imprints. Join us and learn how to create an environment that consciously attracts your perfect match.


Chanting Sacred Sounds and Mantras- is the ultimate tool for manifesting more Joy and Achieving Your Dreams.
Chanting Sacred Sounds has been used in ceremony, ritual and for special occasions since the beginning of time. Sound when combined with a clear intention can help manifest, alter, activate and accelerate certain states of consciousness and generate feelings of well-being. As research on sound as a healing modality continues to unfold, people are using vibrational energy in supportive ways. Join us for an extraordinary experience of sound, chanting and expanding our awareness. Sound is a powerful transformational tool.