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Event Management

I am a seasoned event professional with a proven track record of delivering excellence in event management, design, logistics and thinking out of the box.

I am fast, flexible and creative. I am customer-focused, high energy and provide strong leadership with precise budget management. My clients tend to be people or organizations that want to expand their business or brand by engaging, educating or inspiring their audiences. My approach to events is holistic. I combine my strengths as a master organizer and event producer with my business acumen and mindfulness training. I cultivate conscious environments. I am a strategic thinker, creative visionary, detailed oriented leader, logistics expert, vendor wrangler, collaborative partner, budget cruncher, heart-centered, inspirational and committed to excellence.

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Business Consulting

I am known as a business accelerator and sales and marketing growth consultant. I help businesses generate money making opportunities, maximizing possibilities and making great things happen.

Business Consulting clients tend to be people, businesses or organizations that are focused on offering services and products that make the world a better place. They have a desire to accelerate and grow. They are interested in learning how to incorporate Prosperity Principles, the Law of Attraction and Feng Shui into their business strategy.  I tend to attract developers, cultural creatives, trend setters, disrupters, creative entrepreneurs, change agents, free thinkers and those that are holistically minded.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Carolyn, you share an exquisite expertise in integrating intelligence, spirit, and action to transform an experience into life transcendence.  We are in gratitude for your leadership in planning our large academic kick-off event  “The Gift of Time” with intention,  grace, and respect of all the team. Your authenticity invites inclusivity and risk-taking. Your attention to all details created a seamless mind-body-soul filled experience of timelessness for us as a community. What a validation of your gift to  foster learning:  brain – emotion – behavior into life and community transformation.  You distilled complexity into our essence of communitudede™

I am – We are in gratitude,

Connie White Delaney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI, FNAP

Professor & Dean, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

A master organizer and producer, Carolyn makes things happen and brings high value to her clients and the community. She takes concepts and turns them into reality. Carolyn led the successful Change Your Stripes event at Normandale CC in conjunction with DEED and the MN Workforce Center that was attended by more than 600 people. Her relationship building skills, positive attitude and innovation exceed expectations at any project or event that she manages. Carolyn gets the Law of Attraction. It is always a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend Carolyn. Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

Anne Pryor, M.A.

LinkedIn Trainer, Thought Leader Coach, Lovitude™ Soul Painter ♦ Look Great, Be Found, Get Known, Make Great Connections

I had the privilege of working with Carolyn Vinup for 2 years. She came to D’Amico Catering with the task of increasing our business in the St Paul market and our corporate business overall.  Carolyn did much more than that.

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She was the ambassador for our company at industry events and multiple associations and chambers. She was instrumental in our acquisition of a number of new venues and redirected our efforts in determining which properties were best for our brand. Carolyn led our team in creating proposals that differentiated D’Amico Catering and won us many new venues for our portfolio.

She was responsible for recharging our marketing focus, refreshing our print media, messaging our social media and creating new marketing materials.

Carolyn is a delight to work with, full of energy and very dedicated to any project she is asked to accomplish.

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Linda Adam

Director of Catering Sales, D'Amico Catering

In a word? WOW. Carolyn took an idea for an event and somehow managed to pull together three different host organizations, and over 20 speakers for an event that knocked all our socks off … in just 6 weeks! 

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Despite the size and scope (over 600 attendees), she made me feel like I was the only speaker of the day and I was well-taken care of from beginning to end. Carolyn is an exciting visionary who also knows how to get it done. If you want an event they’ll be talking about for ages, look no further; Carolyn will get it done. And she’s great fun to boot.

Catherine Byers Breet

Chief Stripe Changer/Career Coach/Strategic Recruiting, ARBEZ

I wanted to say, thank you so much.  I got to see Justine’s memorial event from a far, I watched it live from London, and it looked like it went off without a hitch. I was so excited to see the memorial go off so successfully. I know you were the critical person in pulling it all together. I just wanted to do a post event wrap and I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude.

Linea Palmisano

City Council, Ward 13

Events are a TON of work. And to pull off a World Class event expertise is needed to make the day flawless, valuable and productive. Carolyn is a true professional. She works hard to make the best things happen throughout the process and it shows from her binders & post event summary to her presence at the day to keep things flowing. I can’t wait to work with her again. She’s a rock star.

Cathy Paper, M.A.

Executive Networking Coach, National Speaker, Book Sales & Marketing Coach, Publicist, Forbes Coaches Council

Carolyn, you helped carry an entire community through this loss by honoring Justine in a magical way. I will always have such gratitude for you.

Don Damond

Justine Damond's Memorial Event

Beautiful memorial last night. Well planned. Healing energy. Thank you.

Tom Hyder

Justine Damond's Memorial Event

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2018 Fall Kick Off Event for University of Minnesota School of Nursing

2018 Fall Kick Off Event for University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Carolyn was hired as a consultant for the Fall Kick Off Event. The theme was The Gift of Time. She was hired for program design, event logistics, integrating Feng Shui principles into the room design and was the Mindfulness Facilitator for the event. This was truly an opportunity to bridge both her 2 businesses: Event Management and Gateways to Brilliance. 

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