Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness is a corporate wellness initiative brought to you exclusively by HPSS Global, Inc. This program focuses on total health and well-being through the complete body, mind and spirit experience. Our goal is to accelerate wellness by providing opportunities for everyone to learn new ways to maximize their potential and integrate healthier choices.

When individuals are less stressed, they become more energized, motivated, innovative, productive, resilient and focused. Employees become healthier and miss less work.

Vitality, A Wellness Choice is a wellness experience that can be customized to fit your needs, time and budget. This experience may include a presentation by one or more of our wellness experts. The topics range from stress reduction, life skills for health and well-being, workstation wellness, success tools, work life balance, creating nutritious relationships, integrating the principles of the Vitality Advantage, maximizing your potential and more.

Along with the presentation, we have a group of wellness professionals that will share their gifts and talents through massage, pressure point exercises, breathing, guided imagery, sound therapies, brain exercises, just to name a few. Experience as much or as little as you wish. Let Vitality, A Wellness Choice bring a refreshing break into your workday.

Other programs offered by HPSS Global:

  • Inner Growth Development – Both personal and professional
  • The Wellness Experience – Stress management and stress reduction techniques 
  • The Vitality Advantage – Integrating the principles of vibrant living
  • Success Tools – Maximizing your potential

Life is full of cycles, changes and surprises. The wellness experts from HPSS Global provide AHA experiences and opportunities for self discovery while viewing the world from a new perspective. It’s time to embrace, expand, and explore all aspects of our lives-this includes the integration of the mind, body and spirit connection.

Life is a journey; why not fill your tool box with techniques that maximize who you are, what you want and where you want to go.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for everyone to learn new ways to maximize their potential and integrate healthier choices. When we invest in ourselves, our companies and our organizations, we increase productivity, focus, happiness, joy, balance, harmony and health.

Wellness is a choice. Wellness is a positive message. It has lasting impact and fuels optimistic energy into your business, workforce, home and personal life. Sickness and stress cost money, drains energy, depletes resources and increases errors and missed opportunities.

Wellness is a powerful message. Make it your message.  Contact Carolyn Vinup at 612.325.5162 to hire the wellness experts from HPSS Global.

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Celebrating the expansion of wellness choices!