Event Testimonials

Comments from Morning Presenters

“While the experts brought together by Normandale were fabulous I think the most
important part of the event was the chance for unemployed Minnesotans to come
together and support each other. More than ever job seekers need a community to
lean on and Normandale is helping to make that happen.” – Sam Zeff, Co-Host JobTalkAmerica

“Another superb event. So many thanks are due … but especially to Normandale for
making this event possible. Normandale continues to stand out as an innovator …
and the one to watch”

“The average American is changing jobs every 2.4 years. With stats like that, lifelong
learning and career transition education are no longer a luxury … they are a must. An
event like this hits right at the heart of people’s needs … and fills them up with real
possibilities, as well as the tools they need to make them a reality. Once again, it was
an honor to be a part of it and I look forward to future events.” – Catherine Byers Breet, Chief Stripe Changer, ARBEZ, Inc.

Of all the job seeker events I attend, the “Herd” events have quickly become my
favorite. Herd is a unique way of connecting job seekers to needed local resources
and insights. It is uplifting for me to see the large number of job seekers who attend
to get motivation and information that will help them restart their careers. Other job
seeker events focus on immediate job leads only, and do not encourage individuals
to take charge of their careers. I believe that job seekers who attend Herd events are
better equipped to apply for the right jobs for them, excel in the interview process,
and focus on their long-term career goals. – Denise Felder, MnCareers editor/ISEEK Outreach Specialist

The World of Work is changing every day. We keep trying to discover ‘work’
doing the same things, expecting different results. “How well has that been working
for you?” This is ‘our wake up call’ – our call to action, our opportunity! We need to
feed our roots of believing in our selves, explore our many choices and options and
take charge of our direction. Events like the HERD help people do just that – create
a sense of community – we are not alone – and understand that the journey towards
finding meaningful work lies in a dogged commitment to curiosity, innovation,
continuous learning and being scrappy…meaning sharpening your skills and acting
more Preneurial! – Jeanne Larson, Incubator, Inc.

Comments from Industry Breakouts – Moderators and Panel Members

The HERD event was an excellent opportunity for all of us to learn about our own
employment journey. Examining the past, learning from it and preparing for the
future were part of the fabulous connections made with professionals and job
seekers during the day. A definite benefit was a renewed sense of energy and
commitment toward the goal of meaningful employment. I felt privileged to be a part
of such an outstanding program and hats off to Carolyn Vinup for a job well done.
This is definitely an event that should be repeated.- Administrative Professionals-Angela Althoff, Moderator

1. The Herd event seems to draw the older mature worker and they are looking for
a place where they can gain expertise from professional career experts. This
event helps them become motivated and engaged in a sometimes very frustrating
process for securing employment and getting back to work.
2. The Herd event and the panel discussion on Self Managed Careers is a great
place for individuals considering self-employment. This breakout provided a way
for individuals who might be interested in exploring self-employment as a reality
for themselves.
3. The Herd event is a great value for the attendee. The attendee comes to explore
new ideas about job searching, career changing etc. The event is free, and in
some cases many would not be able to attend something like this on their own.
4. Many who attended expressed regret that they could only pick one breakout in the
afternoon, as there were so many good options to choose from. If another event
is planned, maybe the time frame should be lengthened a little so a person can
attend 2 breakouts in the afternoon instead of just one?
5. The Herd event is a bit of a teaser to get job seekers and career changers to think
in a new direction and possibly open up themselves up to new innovative ideas.
6. The talent and expertise of the people leading the breakouts was something you
can’t get anywhere else under one roof in one day.
7. The people who taught at the Herd event were similar to those I hear at the
Minnesota Career Development Association events, so the quality of speakers
and presenters was amazing. – Self Managed Careers, Co-Moderator: Lenore Rockler

I think an important comment about these events is “it brings hope to job seekers
who often feel they are wandering in a wilderness, and then someone shows them the path out.” – Government
Co-Moderator: Heather Isaacs

Comments from Afternoon Breakout Presenters

FEAR: As grown-ups, it seems ridiculous to think that fear is crippling us at a critical
time in our lives … but that is precisely what happens. It is one of the biggest
barriers we face as human beings. This workshop is designed to help people name
their fears, get a strategy in place to deal with those fears, and to regain their
confidence and control. The danger lies in ignoring our fears, and thinking they will
go away.

I have learned, personally, that fear is my friend – for this reason: it is my early
warning sign. What I am scared of is always something I need to pay attention to.
And by paying attention to it, I am able to push through it. If, however, I ignore it, it
always rears its ugly head and stands in the way of my success.
Brad Markwell, Stonebridge Group-Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
We are in the business of taking fear off the table in regards to people’s job search
and their finances that is why we participate in events like this. – Why Fear is Your Friend,
Catherine Byers Breet, ARBEZ, Inc

Wow, that was really fun, well-done and inspiring. Thanks for putting on such a
wonderful event today. The Nordic Networking was a blast– thanks for coming up
with the idea Carolyn. We had 20 people for this first event. – Nordic Walking Networking
Anne Pryor, Meaningful Connections

I want to thank you for including Nordic Networking in the event last week. We had
such a good time with the group that came to walk. It’s such a joy to work with Anne
Pryor and you were so organized that the entire experience was delightful. I really
enjoyed the other presentations and panels as well. As an entrepreneur myself, it was helpful to hear how others have grown their businesses.- Linda Lemke, Come out and Play and Nordic Walking Queen

The “Join a Different Herd” event attracted job seekers, counselors, and students of
life. It was a great forum for conversations across groups to explore ways to make
meaningful change.” – Kate Schaefers, Encore Careers and Jean Tollefson, Authentic Renewal and
VisionQuest Life Planning

Carolyn & Jeff, I would like to thank you both for the fabulous opportunity to be a part
of such a spectacular day. The people I met were delightful, professional and truly
cared about assisting others who are looking for employment. All of the members of
the Administrative Professional panel have indicated that they would be thrilled to be
involved in a similar program in the future. Hats off to both of you!-
Angel Althoff, McNamara Recruiting Group

Comments from Career Resource & Professional Development

As a community college, part of our mission is to serve our students and the
community. This has been such a successful community event – successful in
attendance AND in topics. As Director of the Mahendra Nath Career & Academic
Planning Center, we encourage community members to make use of our resources.
It has been a pleasure to be able to interact with our community and encourage
attendance at our events and usage of our Career Resource Center.- Carolyn Jobin, Director of the Mahendra Nath Career & Academic Planning Center

Comments from Volunteers

Thank you for including our students in the Rebranding event last Thursday! It was
fun to hear them debrief their learning on Monday. We were pleased they heard
some of the same messages we are “preaching” in class. This reinforcement will
hopefully “cement” this good learning.
We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm in providing these experiences for the
students. It was a great way for them to learn, network and earn mentor hours! – Karen Brettingen & Shelly Streich
Eden Prairie High School Business Marketing Intern/Mentorship Program