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The New World of Work is shifting the way we think about jobs and careers. More than ever, we need to understand our own unique abilities – professional and personal strengths, transferable experiences, values and goals. We need to become fluent in our efforts to self-promote and to find those opportunities that are a match for us.

Workshops and Classes – Entrepreneurship for Freelancers and Consultants

This program is designed to help you identify new opportunities to work as a freelancer, contractor and independent professional. Self employment can be exciting and rewarding; however, it requires market insight and entrepreneurial acumen to build and grow opportunities into long-term success. Entrepreneurship for Freelancers, Contractors and Consultants

Self Employment – Clarify Your Vision

You have a lot to offer – expertise, experience, dedication, enthusiasm, insight, and so much more. And, you like the idea of gaining some flexibility and independence in your life. So, is freelancing a good option? This course is designed to help you consider the opportunities and trade-offs associated with becoming an independent professional. You will look at what it takes to make the intellectual and emotional shift from being an employee to becoming a self employed entrepreneur. You will develop your insight into how to utilize your own key talents and skills so that you can more easily transition into productive and satisfying self employment. . NSTR: Jeanne Larson

Self Employment – Launch Your Business 

This course will guide you through the steps critical for launching a business. It’ll help you avoid the classic pitfalls and accelerate your success. You will learn to do market research by accessing reliable resources that are available at little or no cost. You will identify the business model that fits your business plan. You will learn the latest methods for “affiliate marketing,” collaborative selling and the art of networking. You will gain the resources to practice relationship building and contract negotiations. Most importantly, you will see that these tools and lessons can be applied to your own inner knowledge and expertise so that your work will remain authentic and meaningful while producing new and sustainable income. INSTR: Jeanne Larson

Jeanne Larson, MBA is the founder & President of The Incubator. Over the past 8 years, the Incubator has been a guide & trusted advisor to over 1000 individuals and companies in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and small business growth & development She has been a serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur for over 25 years and is experienced in all business stages, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures/ strategic alliances. The Incubator has been featured in several Minneapolis/St. Paul publications, and on National Public Radio – Market Place.

The “Out of the Box” Workshop FREE

  •  Are you looking to regain control of your career?
  • Are you interested in exploring new ways to earn a living?
  • Are you looking for opportunities to add meaning and purpose to your work?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be an out-of-the-box person!

Instead of fear and frustration, you’ll see how vision, purpose and control can bring new hope and energy to a career in transition. You will gain practical resources and strategies designed to help you create your own job inside or outside a company. You will see how the marketplace is changing. There are many opportunities for those who want to own or work for a small business as well as new options for those who have entrepreneurial talents. You’ll also learn about the growing world of intrapreneurs – freelancers, consultants, contractors and specialists. Attend this inspiring workshop and see how people just like you are finding new income streams and ways to “go to work!” INSTR: Jeanne Larson

Self Employment – Right For You? FREE

Self Employment is becoming a way of life for many. Sometimes this income path is chosen and others just seem to fall into it. Explore the key options available for self employment: independent contracting, multiple income streams, entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship opportunities. This workshop is scheduled to follow the Out of the Box Workshop. INSTR: Jeanne Larson

zCOACH™ – A Career Guide with Attitude

Tired of waiting for the next shoe to drop, but too busy for school? From the comfort of your own home, you can get what you want right now. The zCOACH™ System offers a revolutionary approach to discovering your best self, and understanding how to take that to the streets. With this unique video-coach-in-a-bottle, you’ll get everything you need to propel yourself forward in your career. Packed with inside secrets and honest-hard-hitting tips, you’ll know how to get the career you crave. $79 ($150 value), This class was developed by Catherine Byers Breet, ARBEZ, Inc.

Catherine Byers Breet, Chief Stripe Changer™ with ARBEZ™, is transforming the way people look for work. She packs 13 years of recruiting expertise into online video coaching tools, workshops and all the inspiration you need to go from “I need to new job” to “Wow! I love what I do for a living!” She is the creator of The Job Hunt Coaching System ( – a revolutionary new approach to career coaching. She is a highly-sought speaker who has touched over 30,000 people in career transition since 1997.

How to Turn Your Hobbies and Interests into a Profitable Micro-Business NEW

Do you have hobbies and skills that you would like to turn into immediate short or long term income? This workshop provides streamlined, bare bones, business planning, cheap to free marketing ideas and a host of examples collected from over 2 years of research studying micro-businesses in MN and WI. Learn how people have turned little or nothing into short term incomes. The workshop contains no MLM, pyramid schemes or companies to “join”. Gain solid, helpful advice on planning, marketing and advertising to sell a product or service locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. INSTR: Michael M. Kiefer

First Impressions Really Do Matter

Learn How to Master the Tips and Tricks of First Impressions 

What does your image say about You? Everyone needs an occasional tune up! Whether you like it or not your personal image strongly influences people’s perception of you. Within a few seconds people have made assumptions about who you are and what you’re like and sometimes these assumptions are not correct. This course is designed to help you master the tips and tricks of first impressions so you can feel more confident, powerful and vibrant and land that job or promotion. . INSTR: Monica Molstad Baresh

Social Networking Bootcamp

Social Media has been around since the dawn of time. The only difference is the tools we use to reach the masses. Social Media platforms allow you to reach decision makers in record time with your best face forward. Come away from this workshop excelling in which Social Media sites to use, how to enhance your network and present your true self and worth, online. Recruiters, hiring managers and your future boss want innovative people on their team. Innovators move with technology. Succeed at joining the conversation! .INSTR: Kate -Madonna Hindes

Discovering Your Natural Talents and Genetic Skills for High Performance NEW 

Participants in this class will have the opportunity to take a recently developed natural talent and genetic skills test. This test will enable participants to determine such talents as leadership, counseling, teaching, sales, volunteering, science and many more, as well as specialized technical skills areas like working with computers, machines, animals, etc. The test is not general and will allow people to drill down to exact talent and skill areas. It also allows you to determine talents and skills inherited from either mother or father. This knowledge is extremely valuable for anyone in the workplace to help determine proper task and project assignments. It is also invaluable for job seekers, students or those in transition. The principles of building high performance teams based on talent matching will also be discussed. INSTR: Michael M. Kiefer

Your Body Language – The Silent Image Influencer 

Wake Up! Your body language is communicating loud and clear. Did you know that 60-75% of what others perceive about you is made up of nonverbal communication? This course will help you navigate a new language, the world of nonverbal communication. It will help you become more aware of what you are saying to others and what others are saying to you. Actions speak louder than words; it’s time to turn your awareness of body language into a conscious tool and your ability to influence others will be significantly improved.  INSTR: Monica Baresh

Even You Can Learn to Love Networking

In a recent poll of American fears, networking with strangers finished a close third behind death and public speaking! While intimidating, learning how to create strategic connections is the most powerful way to enhance your career possibilities. Even better, networking is a skill that can be developed through knowledge and practice. This highly interactive workshop will teach you both the techniques and strategies behind successful networking. INSTR: Angela Althoff

4 Simple Steps to a Great New Job: Get a Game Plan, Get a Job!

4 Simple Steps to a Great New Job: Get a Game Plan, Get a Job! Starting a job search by writing a resume is like saying “I want to learn how to swim!” then jumping in at the deep end. Sure, you’ll get a job … eventually. But do you really want to work that hard? JOIN us and learn how to create and execute a personal job action hunt that will get you hired faster and easier.

Negotiate for What You Want!

Negotiate for What You Want! Did you know that people who regularly negotiate their salaries earn, on average, $1M more than their counterparts over the course of their career? WOW. Whether asking for a promotion, more flexibility at work or a great new job, you CAN negotiate for what you want. It takes some preparation. Make sure your next move is a smart one.

Your Resume is not your Autobiography – Resume Tips that Work

A resume helps you leverage your work and life experience to fit an employer’s need. Discover which resume format is right for you, speaks to the employer and communicates your accomplishments. Take advantage of this great opportunity to work with a Career Development expert for Free! Register early – enrollment is limited. INSTR: Claire Nelligan