Workforce Partnership

Carolyn Vinup has once again teamed up with the Nation’s #1 Stripe Changer Catherine Byers Breet for a 6-Part DREAM JOB Workshop Series. Carolyn was hired as the event producer/project manager to handle logistics, marketing, media and communications with the client for this series of events comprised of 2 Free Webinars and 6 Workshops in 6 locations over a 4-day period in the great state of Texas.

NEW! Project Summary for 6-Part DREAM JOB Workshop Series (CLICK HERE)
Catherine Byers Breet of ARBEZ presented this 6-part series sponsored by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

Below are some of the promotional pieces you may have seen around the region.
Web Advertising
Radio Advertising
TXL-Thrivent1-with-music TXL-Thrivent2-with-music
TXL-Thrivent3-with-music TXL-Thrivent4-with-music
Social Media Advertisements
Fliers Samples

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A Message from Carolyn

The world of work is changing. The workers of today and tomorrow need to be more fluid, flexible, innovative and savvy. We are living in the times of the ‘Liquid WorkForce’; here today and gone tomorrow. In order to maintain some control over this ever changing business landscape, more and more people are seeking multiple income streams and pursuing “Preneurial” training. Prenuerial training allows individuals to be more fluid in the workplace as Intrapreneurs (working as independent contractors inside organizations) or as entrepreneurs. Whether the path toward preneurship is voluntarily chosen or not, training in this area will significantly increase your odds of success.  Maintaining your skills and expanding your talents, plus honing your strengths through additional training makes good sense. Keeping your business self alive and vibrant will ensure your value in the workforce. Our goal for you is to be in control and manage your own destiny. We want you to maximize who you are, focus on what you want and determine where you want to go to gain control over your career. By taking personal control over your career, you’ll have more meaningful work experiences that provide more happiness, wellbeing, personal fulfillment and creativity in your life…
Carolyn Vinup, 2010