Business Consulting Testimonials

“Carolyn, you are a rock star!  We are very happy with your leadership and day-to-day management of the first Good Leadership Conference.  Thank you so much for your dedication, hard work and your diplomatic way of keeping things moving.

Here are some of the comments from our team:

  • Working with Carolyn is a true treat.  Her dedication to the small details and the excellence of presentation guarantees exceptional results.   This was our first Good Leadership Conference, we had a lot to learn as we planned and implemented.  Carolyn was an exceptional mentor.  She managed a wide variety of changes and our planning team with calm, direct leadership.   When the day of the conference arrived we were ready for success and to enjoy our hard work.  
  • Carolyn provided a terrific wrap up summary and copy of all marketing materials that will serve as the format for our next conference.   The knowledge and skills she shared with us not only assured a successful first conference but continued success as our company grows and produces more events. 
  • I highly recommend Carolyn Vinup.  Her upbeat personality and detail oriented leadership style makes her a true asset to any company.

In summary, we look forward to working with you again.  Thank you.

Seize the day!” – Paul Batz, President   What Really Works (November 2012)

“Carolyn, this is WHO YOUR ARE!”…excerpt from Evolve by Rosebeth Moss Kanter, “The best collabronauts are good at making connections, both human and intellectual. They are constantly on the lookout for new ways to benefit from combining forces with partners. They venture into unfamiliar territory, make deals, and return with knowledge that transforms their home world. They bring organizations closer together, introduce people, and build relationships among groups of people that can initially seem like aliens to one another….They convince their colleagues to forget the old rules and try something new, something that comes with having partners.” September 2011 – Brenda Dickenson, Dean of Continuing Education at Normandale Community College

“Carolyn is “can do” and “take charge” in all of her endeavors. Her energy, vision and purpose inspires all, moving the team forward towards more innovation.” – June 14, 2010, Jeanne Larson, President & CEO, The Incubator

“Carolyn has a thirst for continual growth and learning and has a keen ability to create connections and ties between all that she experiences and learns in her life. As a business owner, she has the business and financial acumen to understand successful business and marketing processes and models. As an event planner, she has project management and time management expertise and experience that she utilizes in everything that she does. As a holistic health practitioner, she understands human development and interpersonal communication/relationships and as someone who has worked in the service industry for many years, she understands the true essence of customer service. Using all these talents, Carolyn has provided Normandale with 110% in every role she has been in.” – June 3, 2010, Sunny Ainley, Director, Normandale Community College

I can’t speak highly enough of the professional and personal skills and capabilities of Carolyn Vinup, who is president of HPSS Global, in addition to her many other responsibilities. I have known Carolyn for over twelve years and can testify to her incredible level of expertise in almost every area. I have owned my own holistic business for 25 years, have served over 30,000 clients worldwide in that amount of time, and have over 10 books on the market (in over 14 languages.) AND…I’ve never met anyone who can perform the following and more with such integrity and amazing strengths:

  • Workplace consulting. Carolyn has a keen grasp of the needs of organizations and individuals and can quickly hone in on the real issues, in addition to strategizing immediate and long-term strategies. Plus she can encourage people to enjoy making the changes they need to make. I have worked with Carolyn with several of my own clients and she’s made the difference between success and failure-or at least, treading water.
  • Event organizing and implementation. I’ve watched Carolyn put together events for a few people to thousands. She is extraordinarily detailed, completely accurate in regard to budget management, and so creative, I’m always astounded. I have attended many of her events and also hired her to organize many of my own. Everyone raves, for good reason.
  • Program design and coordination. Carolyn has represented me for several years, assisting me with program design and implementation and as a speaker’s representative. Everything she does reflects classiness and connection; is thorough and marketable; and has always exceeded any of my goals. Actually her work has surpassed any goals I have set.
  • Speaker and presenter. Carolyn and I have often spoken together and I have attended her workshops, both at Normandale College as well as at corporate, governmental, and non-profit workplace venues. People love her. She is clear, descriptive, touching, humorous, and so approachable. In fact, we have additional speaking projects coming up; her ability to present singly and partnered is assuring—I hardly ever have to prepare, she is so clear and great with “flow.”
  • Personal integrity. I count Carolyn as a friend. She is COMPLETELY honest, works diligently and consistently, meets every deadline, and lives the values she espouses. She cares deeply about her family and friends and no matter how busy she is, knows how to “be there.”I would be happy to provide more insight about Carolyn in these or any other capacity. Thank you for the opportunity to share the briefest of words about her – Cyndi Dale, LSS Corp.

“Carolyn, I must have done something right to have the opportunity to work with you — I mean it…you are one in a trillion! I have worked with many exceptional and talented people but you are rare among the best of the best!!!”Bless you for all that you do for so many! Colleague, Normandale Community College

Carolyn is one of the most energetic, authentic, creative, organized, and inspiring people I have ever met! She is multi-talented as a business owner, developer, and strategist. I have worked with and known Carolyn in several capacities including an event planner, teacher, Feng Shui expert, negotiator, leader, and motivator to name just a few. She can take a broad idea with tight deadlines and the end result is always above and beyond what was expected! She gets it done and always with a little bit of fun! She has a natural ability to bring clarity and focus to any situation, shows dedication and support of people with all that she does, and anyone who crosses paths with her cannot help but benefit from her wealth of experience and knowledge. Carolyn’s work ethic, enthusiasm, and smile are contagious and she is an asset to any person, team, or company that gets to know and work with her. – October 7, 2011, Andrea (Marketing Manager and Media Relations at The Emmerich Group)

“Carolyn is one of the most enthusiastic, energetic and creative business professionals I know. I’ve worked with Carolyn on a number of PR, marketing and training projects at Normandale Community College. She is great to work with and I highly recommend her. She is a real “possibility thinker” who gets results – no matter what the project is. Not only does she “think outside the box”; she encourages others to do the same, which is very motivating and exciting. I love working with her because she is energetic, passionate, positive and committed to excellence. Plus, she is a lot of fun to work with!” – September 14, 2011, Barbara Mednick, Strategic Communications & PR Consultant, BKM Consulting, Inc.

 It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for Carolyn Vinup. I worked closely with Carolyn at a mutual consulting client’s offices for over six months in 2009 and we have remained in close contact since. 

Our roles at this financial services company included a wide variety of responsibilities; while mine focused in the human resource area and Carolyn’S focused in the events management area, we also actively functioned as part of the leadership team. As leaders, we were responsible for strategizing and implementing organizational change, supervising, mentoring and supporting staff, and developing organizational structure, systems and policies. 

I would relish the opportunity to work with Carolyn again in any capacity. She brings a terrific balance of interpersonal skills, insight, and involvement in her work as well as an incredible set of competencies. As a leader, she brings integrity, honesty and support to the team. As an event planner, she goes above and beyond in ensuring the highest quality of program. She understands the big picture aspects of whatever project she is working on. Additionally, there is no detail that Carolyn misses. Few people can bring that balance breadth and depth. 

For example, she was able to negotiate and work closely with the hotels and other meeting venues and achieved results (both in services and negotiated fees) that none of her predecessors at the client’s company had been able to accomplish. Her preparation for every contingency related to the events was above and beyond anyone’s expectations. She coordinated company staff and assigned behind the scenes and pre-event planning responsibilities thoroughly and completely to ensure that the events occurred seamlessly. She created systems and processes to ensure that meeting attendees received the experience that they were promised. 

Carolyn is one of those individuals where no matter the task. she will find a way to exceed your expectations. She doesn’t settle for mediocrity but strives for excellence in everything she does. And she adds a warmth of personality and sense of humor that makes working with her a pleasure. – Arlene Vernon, PHR President, HRx, Inc. 

“Many years ago, when I was first getting to know Carolyn, I told her that I found her “inspirational”. Today I believe that more than ever. Carolyn lives a life filled with big dreams and big accomplishments. She is a master connector, who always focuses on how she can help others – rather than how she might benefit personally. Wherever she is you’ll find people living their passion and having fun doing it. I am proud to call her my friend and colleague.” – June 3, 2010, Rich Muller, Owner, The Business Development Portal

“Carolyn is a big picture, collaborative partner who has more ideas than anyone. Most importantly, Carolyn implements ideas at warp speed! Carolyn has the ability to uncover your biggest business dreams and goals and turn them into results.” – June 3, 2010, Liz Weatherhead, Customized Training Representative, Normandale Community College

“I am grateful to have worked with Carolyn over the years on a number of special events, classes and unique projects. She is a true living example of someone who understands and applies the Law of Attraction with remarkable results! She is able to attract and assemble elite teams of experts easily for her projects. She can meld seemingly opposite programs and people to work in perfect harmony for the greater good of all. Her events are always first class and participants learn and grow tremendously. She is a consummate marketer, visionary, innovator, highly skilled in customer service principles, especially willing to “go the extra mile” for others! She has a driven, goal achieving mindset and makes great things happen, concept to completion! Carolyn was part of the inspiration for my new book, Superconscious Power, and has provided constant encouragement to me throughout the writing process. She inspires and motivates others to achieve their dreams. Carolyn has earned a 5 star recommendation from me as well as EVERYONE I have spoken to about her work! Feel free to contact me in regard to Carolyn at:” – August 19, 2011, Michael Monroe Kiefer Ph.D., President,

“Carolyn is beyond amazing at what she does. She has an uncanny ability to find the best people and programs, and package them so that everyone involved benefits, from the presenting institution or corporation, to the teachers and presenters, and of course, all of those who attend.

Carolyn brings her best, authentic self to everything she does, whether it’s business or personal. She is one of those rare people who stays centered, relaxed and happy, while handling a tremendous amount of organization and detail. I’ve known and worked with her for over 8 years, and every encounter has resulted in something good.” – June 16, 2010, Kay Grace, Holistic Practitioner and Life Coach, Energy Express, Inc.

 “I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Carolyn in 4 capacities. I know Carolyn as:

1. a Teacher. She has brilliantly facilitated and/or co-facilitated a number of classes that I have attended at Normandale. She is a knowledgeable, fun, engaging and motivating instructor. 2. an Events Coordinator. Carolyn organizes, manages, promotes and delivers a seamless production! Her project management and client support / interaction skills are amazing! 3. the Workforce Partnership and Development Specialist. Carolyn very much impresses me with her sincere need to understand and appropriately meet the needs of dislocated workers. She is changing the meaning of the word ‘partnership” and is putting Normandale on the map for people in career transition! 4. a Healer. I am honored to have had Carolyn facilitate a healing for me! It was supportive, interactive and transformational. I have no words to describe her sound healing work; it needs to be experienced.

Carolyn has managed to successfully integrate professional and spiritual elements into her own personal brand. She is an inspiration. Kudos to Carolyn!”- July 21, 2010, Claire K. Nelligan, Employment Counselor, State of MN

“Carolyn Vinup is an absolute dynamo. She is a wonderful collaborator and works toward the good of all. She is passionate about empowering and educating people and helping them to discover themselves. Any program this woman has a part in is absolute gold. I highly recommend Carolyn Vinup for anything and everything she has an interest in pursuing.”- August 2012 -Deanna Reiter, Author & Speaker, Expert on Positive Thinking and Releasing Self Sabotage

“Carolyn truly understands how to deal and motivate people within her orbit. I found her very easy to work with, timely and innovative in handling business situations.” – June 3, 2010, Steve Beseke, DLR, CWP, President and Chief Motivational / Marketing Communications / Personal Brand Strategist, Resilient Communications, Speaker at Join a Different Herd Event, May 2010

I have worked with Carolyn Vinup in many roles since 2006. In that time, she has demonstrated incredible talents beyond normal capacity. Her skills as a program and training visionary, an event coordinator and a workforce liaison have amazed me and our entire college. And, as a colleague, she has taught me many valuable skills and has modeled a way of thinking that is extraordinary. 

Partnership and collaboration: When I watch Carolyn working with people, organizations or groups, you can see that she is magical. I would say her greatest strength is her approach to working with others. She is always about partnership and how what she does is for the benefit of everyone. She is a master connector and relationship builder and develops trust with everyone she works with. When she is creating programs for Normandale’s continuing education department, she is thinking strategically and holistically, considering what is going to work well for everyone, not just her own vested interests. She knows that this is the key to long-­‐ term relationships and true success. As Carolyn has grown in her position as a workforce liaison, she has forged many rich and meaningful relationships with workforce counselors, directors, and dislocated workers. This has laid a solid foundation for our group to work with these organizations to provide the much needed training and development that our community’s dislocated workers require and need to be productive and competitive in this difficult employment times. As an event coordinator for one of our key integrative health programs, Carolyn has developed a life-­‐link to this group and a point of contact that helps our partner feel valued and continually recognized.

Strategic Thinking and Visionary: Carolyn has a gift that is very rare. She has the ability to think, plan, and develop at a very strategic and visionary level while at the same time, manage projects down to the minute detail. This skill is extremely valuable in a time when we cannot afford to just be lofty visionaries but also must be do’ers. She once told me that the worker of tomorrow is the individual who can re-­‐invent themselves and wear many hats. She is the perfect example of this worker. I keep that quote with me at all times and continually learn from her.

Charisma and Attitude: Working with someone like Carolyn is such an honor. When she approaches challenges or possible opportunities, she is energized, enthusiastic and always thinking about how to make things happen, not about how it cannot work. Her attitude of “can-­‐ do” is infectious and allows our team members to tap into the positivity, thereby creating an environment of opportunity versus that of negativity.

Multi‐dimensional Talents: As mentioned before, Carolyn has a thirst for continual growth and learning and has a keen ability to create connections and ties between all that she experiences and learns in her life. As a small business owner, she has the business and financial acumen to understand successful business and marketing processes and models. As an event planner, she has project management and time management expertise and experience that she utilizes in everything that she does. As a holistic health practitioner, she understands human development and interpersonal communication/relationships and as someone who has worked in the service industry for many years, she understands the true essence of customer service. Using all these talents, Carolyn has provided Normandale with 110% in every role she has been in.

Working with Carolyn is an honor. I consider her a cherished colleague as well as a mentor. I continually look forward to what will come next and what partnerships will develop with Carolyn’s careful guidance. — Sunny Ainley, Director, Health and Wellness Programs/Normandale Community College