Below is a collection of articles, radio shows, podcasts and advertising Carolyn Vinup has written, produced or participated in.

Celebrate Intuitive Arts Newsletter – October 2014

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Edge Magazine Article – August 2014


Edge Magazine (Full Issue) – August 2014 (Click Here)

June – July 2014 Essential Wellness Magazine




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June – July 2014 Essential Wellness Magazine – Sacred Sound Ad  (Click Here)




 May 29, 2013, Integrative Health & Healing Mini Expo   (Click Here)IHHExpo

May 2013 Essential Wellness Magazine
The Blessing Advertisement
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January 2013  Healthy Life Expo – Expert Panel Flier (Click Here)

July 2012 Essential Wellness Magazine
Integrative Health Education Advertisement  
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July 2012 Essential Wellness Article, pg.24
Normandale Community College leads the area in integrative health education (Download)

June 6, 2012 – Learning Well-Edge Talk Radio… Guests include: Barbara Everett, Kay Grace, Margaret McRaith, Elizabeth Diamond Gabriel and more.   – hosted by Carolyn Vinup


Essential Wellness Digital Magazines – 2012
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May, 2012 – Top 20 Ways to Thrive in the 21st Century
by Carolyn Vinup
  Read about self empowerment and consider applying these steps to making your life the most rewarding it can possibly be.

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 April 24, 2012 – Knowledge For Wellness/Cable Channel 6 with Carolyn Vinup and Sunny Ainley will be discussing the Integrative Health Education Center, Health & WorkPlace Wellness programs and the explosive growth we are experiencing. Normandale Community College.
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March 2012 – Essential Wellness Magazine

May 1, 2012 – Learning Well-Edge Talk Radio… Guests include: Sheila Judd, Char Tarashanti, Valerie Lis, Doreen Johnson, and Linda Lemke- hosted by Carolyn Vinup


April 3,2012 – Learning Well-Edge Talk Radio… Guests include: Cindy Locher, Maureen Pelton, Russ Smiley, Sharon Hills Bonczyk, Cheryl Hiltibran – hosted by Carolyn Vinup


March 6, 2012 – Learning Well-Edge Talk Radio… Guests include: Cindy Libman, Jody Baglien Cilla Whatcott, Duncan Metzger and Carole Hyder.

February 7, 2012 – Learning Well-Edge Talk Radio… Guests include: Marit Solheim Witt, Deanna Reiter, Paul Ratte, Hanakia Zedek and Elizabeth Petry-Lee.


February 2012 – Cover Feature/Edge Life Magazine/Integrative Health

February 2012 – Essential Wellness 1/2 page ad and writeup in the Spring Directory

February/March 2012 Bloomington Post Article

January 30, 2012 – Live at The Healing Loft
Radio Show – Interview with Carolyn Vinup and Sunny Ainley about the Integrative Health Education Center at Normandale Community College

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November 1, 2011 – Learning Well-Edge Talk Radio…Guests include: Dr. Effie Chow, Kathy Maxwell, Jeanne Larson, Matthew Alfts and Kinshasha Kambui – hosted by Carolyn Vinup 


October 4, 2011– Learning Well-Edge Talk Radio…Guests include: Patrick Weseman, Carole Hyder, Julie Delene, Michael Kiefer, Cindy Locher and Kinshasha Kambui hosted by Carolyn Vinup


September 6, 2011 – Learning Well-Edge Talk Radio…Guests include:Cyndi Dale, Carole Hyder, Master Chunyi Lin, Catherine Byers Breet and Kinshasha Kambui– hosted by Carolyn Vinup


Fall 2011, Edge Magazine ( ½ page color ad) and write up in the Fall Directory

Fox 9 News –  News feature – Healthcare Industry Needs Workers
MnHIT Program/Normandale Community College

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December 28, 2010 – Star Tribune Article / Workforce Partnership/MnHIT 6 month online training
A Healthy Niche – People are looking to find what’s going to help them gain a job and understand the environment.