Integrative Health

Carolyn’s vision for Integrative Health is to help expand awareness and cultivate consciousness that supports personal health and wellbeing.

She works to develop communities and partnerships where both traditional and complementary practices can work side by side, share insights and wisdom and help make the world a better place, one person at a time.

Something wonderful is about to happen. Learn more about “The Blessing – A sacred sound ceremony inspired by The prayer of Jabez”

Wellness is always foremost on my mind and over the years I have developed my own Wellness Toolkit.  My Wellness TooIkit consists of  a broad spectrum of healing modalities and experienced holistic practitioners. Having them in my wellness toolbox makes every endeavor I take on the best it can possibly be.

Institutions and individuals come to me to help them make the right connections and find success.   I help institutions identify and build programs tailored to their specific wants and needs.  I help individuals build their businesses by identifying their strengths and blowing away barriers that keep them from being successful.  I produce conscious raising events that supports the personal and professional health and wellbeing of all attendees. To learn more about Carolyn’s Integrative Health Insights, call her at 612-325-5162