Integrative Health Testimonials

Just a quick note to say thanks again for your Feng Shui appointment in my home office. Your insights were on target and my office is now a beautiful work in progress. We are making the adjustments you discussed with us and we found five hexagonal mirrors at Ikea and placed them over the window to capture the missing pieces. We moved the big bookshelf behind my desk to the lower level, and for now, replaced it with the low bookshelf, although we found a closed, barrister-style bookcase with two shelves that we’ll order when the budget allows. We filled the space where the low bookshelf was with a huge fern on a plant stand–very healthy!

We put both the typewriter and my desk chair up for sale; hoping those come through soon. And I’m very busy resetting the long wall of bookshelves to fit the Bagua. We also ordered a great red-and-khaki welcome mat and placed red geraniums in the planter outside. We have “Ultimate Om” playing on continual loop, too. All because of you! – Robin

“Carolyn has a thirst for continual growth and learning and has a keen ability to create connections and ties between all that she experiences and learns in her life. As a business owner, she has the business and financial acumen to understand successful business and marketing processes and models. As an event planner, she has project management and time management expertise and experience that she utilizes in everything that she does. As a holistic health practitioner, she understands human development and interpersonal communication/relationships and as someone who has worked in the service industry for many years, she understands the true essence of customer service. Using all these talents, Carolyn has provided Normandale with 110% in every role she has been in.” – June 3, 2010, Sunny Ainley, Director, Normandale Community College

“I am grateful to have worked with Carolyn over the years on a number of special events, classes and unique projects. She is a true living example of someone who understands and applies the Law of Attraction with remarkable results! She is able to attract and assemble elite teams of experts easily for her projects. She can meld seemingly opposite programs and people to work in perfect harmony for the greater good of all. Her events are always first class and participants learn and grow tremendously. She is a consummate marketer, visionary, innovator, highly skilled in customer service principles, especially willing to “go the extra mile” for others! She has a driven, goal achieving mindset and makes great things happen, concept to completion! Carolyn was part of the inspiration for my new book, Superconscious Power, and has provided constant encouragement to me throughout the writing process. She inspires and motivates others to achieve their dreams. Carolyn has earned a 5 star recommendation from me as well as EVERYONE I have spoken to about her work! Feel free to contact me in regard to Carolyn at:” – August 19, 2011, Michael Monroe Kiefer Ph.D., President,

“Carolyn is beyond amazing at what she does. She has an uncanny ability to find the best people and programs, and package them so that everyone involved benefits, from the presenting institution or corporation, to the teachers and presenters, and of course, all of those who attend.

Carolyn brings her best, authentic self to everything she does, whether it’s business or personal. She is one of those rare people who stays centered, relaxed and happy, while handling a tremendous amount of organization and detail. I’ve known and worked with her for over 8 years, and every encounter has resulted in something good.” – June 16, 2010, Kay Grace, Holistic Practitioner and Life Coach, Energy Express, Inc.

“Carolyn Vinup is an absolute dynamo. She is a wonderful collaborator and works toward the good of all. She is passionate about empowering and educating people and helping them to discover themselves. Any program this woman has a part in is absolute gold. I highly recommend Carolyn Vinup for anything and everything she has an interest in pursuing.”  -August 2012 -Deanna Reiter, Author & Speaker, Expert on Positive Thinking and Releasing Self Sabotage

“Carolyn is a connector, a doer, and a leader in many fields- including Integrative Health. I have been honored to work with her in numerous projects and highly recommend her services.”  -July 2012 – Valerie Lis, Owner Courses for Life, Emotional Freedom Techniques trainer, instructor and practitioner

Dear Carolyn,
I am impressed by your diversity of knowledge for the work you do for Normandale College, and the high quality of the huge number of classes you endorse for the Integrative Health and Wellness Program. In addition, you know each instructor personally, creating a warm and supportive environment for all of us who are instructors. The enthusiasm you bring to the classes is contagious, and we all love working with you. You are the heart and soul of this expanding wisdom culture at Normandale.- June 2012 – Barbara Everett, Spiritual Evolution, instructor and trainer

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Carolyn in 4 capacities. I know Carolyn as:

  1. a Teacher. She has brilliantly facilitated and/or co-facilitated a number of classes that I have attended at Normandale. She is a knowledgeable, fun, engaging and motivating instructor.
  2. an Events Coordinator. Carolyn organizes, manages, promotes and delivers a seamless production! Her project management and client support / interaction skills are amazing!
  3. the Workforce Partnership and Development Specialist. Carolyn very much impresses me with her sincere need to understand and appropriately meet the needs of dislocated workers. She is changing the meaning of the word ‘partnership” and is putting Normandale on the map for people in career transition!
  4. a Healer. I am honored to have had Carolyn facilitate a healing for me! It was supportive, interactive and transformational. I have no words to describe her sound healing work; it needs to be experienced.

Carolyn has managed to successfully integrate professional and spiritual elements into her own personal brand. She is an inspiration. Kudos to Carolyn!”- July 21, 2010, Claire K. Nelligan, Employment Counselor, State of MN

Radio Host

“Carolyn Vinup is the quintessential radio host; extremely charming, great sense of humor and timing, knowledgeable about topics and able to ask insightful questions. She is the bridge between innate talent and the fruition and application thereof. Carolyn allows those who have skills and abilities to be seen for who they truly are! HZ P.S. Carolyn Vinup, being who she is and doing what she does, comes with my highest recommendation.- Hanakia Zedek February 13, 2012


I wanted to pass along some thoughts about Carolyn Vinup’s class offered through The Sound Health Program which I attended last week.

The class clearly presented the concept of sound via chanting as a tool for personal transformation and empowerment.

Carolyn is well-grounded in the message she shared, both with her own vocal demonstrations and her history with the process of self-created sound. Her enthusiasm for the topic encouraged me to begin my own practice. The class hand-outs will be most helpful as a source reference.

Note: I shared the following quote with Carolyn because she is the embodiment of creating “the right state of mind”:

“Lucky people create, notice and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives. Being in the right place at the right time is actually all about being in the right state of mind.”
— Dr. Richard Wiseman Suzi M. April 2010

“Carolyn, You are……..A stunning presenter with a natural and easy authority. You made our Spring Forest Qigong Level 4 Retreat even more special with your warm and pertinent interventions. Bravo and long may you continue giving such wonderful support to Master Chunyi Lin.” Lots of love from London, Frank McNeil – September 2, 2010

I have had the pleasure of being both a teacher and a colleague to Carolyn Vinup. From 2000 – 2002, Carolyn participated in my Feng Shui training program as a student during
which she exhibited extraordinary abilities as a quick learner, conscientiously and thoughtfully engaging in the principles of Feng Shui. She was always an active participant and group organizer.

In 2004, Carolyn was invited to be on the board of the Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest where she exhibited the enthusiastic leadership qualities needed for her position. As president of the Institute, I experienced first-hand her remarkable ability to be a team player and to maintain a grasp of the big picture. Carolyn single-handedly organized a one-day event in the summer of 2005, positioning the Institute in a professional and notable way. I continue to be part of Carolyn’s HPSS Global organization as a speaker. She never fails to provide the highest quality venues, assuring that all the details have been covered. She is a fearless problem-solver, undaunted by any challenges.

Carolyn exhibits a charismatic charm; she maintains a positive attitude through any difficult circumstances. She is driven by integrity and inspiration on all levels. She has the uncanny ability to hold the bigger vision in her endeavors while seeing to the smallest the details. It has been a delight to know her both professionally and personally.- Carole J. Hyder